Blue Rock School
110 Demarest Mill Road
West Nyack, NY 10994
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Blue Rock's special emphasis on the arts links together all the academic subjects. A wide variety of materials and a generous allotment of time for sensory experimentation are provided so that the children can develop skills in clay, wool, wood, paper and paint. During their time at the school, children learn woodworking, sewing, knitting, calligraphy and weaving. We try to nurture both their individual vision and their appreciation for a job well done.













Music has always been a joyful and an essential activity at the Blue Rock School. The younger children sing and work with a variety of percussion instruments in the early grades and starting in 3rd Grade, they add the study of recorder. We encourage our children to make music together and the mutual effort to sustain rhythm, melody and tone can lead to a satisfying understanding of the relationship of the individual to the group. Of course music and movement go hand in hand and our children are exposed to both folk and interpretive dance.


We believe that drama is unequaled as an educational tool and all the children participate in plays and informal productions during the course of each year as well as weekly drama classes in the upper grades. Ask about our winter solstice, community programs, Hudson river, library, come see our videos!




In Physical Education we emphasize the relationship of the mind and feeling to the development of the body. Field sports and developmental gymnastics provide rich opportunities for extending physical capabilities and developing coordination, cooperation and good sportsmanship.





Photographs on this web site courtesy of Eilleen Brady Nelson and Tom Nelson.