Blue Rock School
110 Demarest Mill Road
West Nyack, NY 10994
Admissions: 845-535-3353
Fax: 845-627-0208


Sowing the seeds of knowledge.

The Blue Rock School is an alternative, co-educational, independent, day school for grades Kindergarten through eighth. The aim of the Blue Rock School is to prepare our students to become responsible human beings through a balanced education of their minds, bodies and feelings. We wish to foster their natural curiosity and to help them have the confidence and self-respect that are essential to meet life without fear. These elementary years are the time when children establish the foundation upon which their future education, relationships and well-being are built. The Blue Rock School is a secure place where children can discover, for themselves, the relationship between ideas, skills and expression.

Photographs on this web site courtesy of Eilleen Brady Nelson and Tom Nelson.