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The Blue Rock School is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The academic subjects are introduced within a rich interdisciplinary structure. All skills are developed at the child's individual pace and with the child's own interest as the starting point. Our children learn by doing. They are encouraged to explore, question and ponder the world around them and thereby discover the skills and knowledge required to become educated human beings.

Assessment/ Standards

Our curriculum is based on the New York State Board of Education criteria. At Blue Rock School we challenge our students to set high standards for themselves. We believe that by creating stimulating, noncompetitive classrooms we encourage students to take risks that will lead them to the next level. By contrast, an environment of testing and grade based evaluation can turn the learning process into a simple "pass the test" experience.

The Blue Rock School curriculum for each grade level is age and developmentally appropriate. Students acquire appropriate skills and concepts. Our teachers document and assess each student's progress throughout the year with a portfolio model. Selected pieces of each student's work are compiled into portfolios, that demonstrate the acquisition, mastery and understanding of our curriculum. Teachers prepare in-depth evaluations for each student, which in addition to regular parent /teacher conferences, keep parents informed of their child's progress.




Language Arts

The children learn to read and write concurrently through the use of a whole language approach.
Regular exposure to the world's great stories, as told by the teachers, offers the children a storehouse of impressions, feelings, ideas and visions. They are encouraged to express their imagination in stories, poems, paintings and other creations. As the children's reading, writing and critical thinking skills deepen, grammar, spelling and the structure of language become more meaningful to them. These new skills help the growing children to communicate more effectively. Thus our students develop an appetite for literature and an appreciation for the power and beauty of language. They learn that their writing, and that of others, helps them understand their young lives and their relationship to the world around them.



Foreign Language

Blue Rock School offers Spanish from Kindergarden through eighth Grade with a creative multi-disciplinary approach. Many staff members and some students are bilingual and a general appreciation of all languages is encouraged.



In mathematics, the children's attraction to numbers, patterns, and structures provides the basis for their learning experiences. The use of math manipulatives precedes work with paper and pencil. Age appropriate materials are used to gain a real understanding of the fundamentals of the mathematical process. Problem solving, calculation strategies and computation are introduced in the context of other activities in an organic way so that math is seen as part of life. When the children study geometry, for instance, they find that it is linked to shape and form in nature and is the basis for many of the fine and practical arts. Students learn to use their math skills to ask and answer questions across the curriculum.








The children's innate curiosity about the natural phenomena around them provides an exciting introduction to the world of science. The children are encouraged to observe and investigate. Hands on work with animals, plants, rocks and soil provides material to nourish both a sense of wonder and an understanding of the methods of scientific inquiry.


In social studies, yearly themes based on the lives and legends of different cultures create numerous opportunities to expand the children's awareness of the larger world around them. This is balanced with the study of local and national events and the history of the United States. Students develop a working knowledge of how historical, geographical and cultural forces impact societies all over the world.







History and geography come alive through field trips, hikes, model building and map making. Students encounter a wide range of ways to engage with aspects of their own heritage and with that of other peoples.





Blue Rock's special emphasis on the arts links together all the academic subjects. A wide variety of materials and a generous allotment of time for sensory experimentation are provided so that the children can develop a relationship with clay, wool, wood, paper and paint. During their time at the school, children learn skills in woodworking, sewing, knitting, calligraphy and weaving. We try to nurture both their individual vision and their appreciation for a job well done.


Photographs on this web site courtesy of Eilleen Brady Nelson and Tom Nelson.